Medicinal herbs

The use of herbs to cure and alleviate disease and discomfort is based on ancient wisdom, which has been almost completely lost in some cultures but very present in others, such as in Peru.
Medicinal herbs can be administered in a variety of ways, both internally and externally, as oil, tincture, tea, wraps, bath, etc.


Amaris has a spiritual approach to treatment with medicinal herbs, which means not to reduce the plants to individual ingredients, but to look at them as a whole, as beings with healing powers, who deserve the highest respect.

Illness is often a sign of something bigger that hides behind it, or a symptom of something that has a deeper origin. We therefore try to look at individuals in a holistic manner, and not limited to their symptoms, andt to treat accordingly. This usually requires to look deeper into the case history, which requires one or more interviews.