Conditions for participation


  • no heart disease
  • no mental illness
  • no pregnancy
  • majority
  • compliance with the preparatory diet
  • respectful handling of medicine, as well as the other participants
  • willingness to change
  • 8 days diet for postprocessing

Preparatory Diet

  • at least 3 days no pork and no turkey meat
  • at least 3 days no alcohol and no drugs
  • reduce sugar, salt and sharpness
  • at least 24h no sex
  • light meal on the day of the ceremony and no food after 14h
  • Medication must be discussed with the seminar leader in advance

Firstly, the preparatory diet is very important in order to give medicine the purest possible space and to be able to work well, and secondly out of respect for the group, as these “impure” energies are often felt by all. With regular alcohol and drug consumption a diet of at least 7 days is to be kept, since otherwise one may possibly have no or extremely strong effects or strong unpleasant physical complaints.

Diet after Ceremonies

  • at least 8 days no pork and no turkey meat
  • at least 8 days no alcohol and no drug
  • at least 8 days no sex
  • at least 8 days no papaya and no iced things

The diet after the ceremonies is very important to give medicine the space to work. And also to avoid negative physical effects.