(English) Claire

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It was a huge Gift for me to experience the Ceremonies with Iris and Paulo.  I had the opportunity to take part in 5 ceremonies.  Each experience with the Medicine was different.  The Medicine was what I needed to help me heal and release deep seated issues which I felt had come from many lifetimes and patterns from my ancestors. 

The feeling and the experience of being held in a sacred and safe space by Iris was so important to me and to feel safe within the group was essential which they did both so well in order to be able to release and heal whatever was coming up. I loved the fact that each person set an intention on what we were calling on the medicine for.  

The medicine took me on a journey in which I experienced deep cleansing and such deep healing on so many levels within the depths of my very Being, Spirit and Soul.  In one ceremony I felt a part of me had died and I experienced a deep peace within me that no words can describe.  In another ceremony I felt pure Joy and pure Bliss and the group could participate at certain times in the singing which raised the positive, healing vibration so high – being in this energy was so beautiful, healing and magical. The music and the singing by Iris and Paulo was so powerful.  Iris has such a beautiful Gift to sing the right song at the right time in order to help release or let go of what was happening within.  I felt she sang especially for me.    

Being part of all the ceremonies with different people created very strong bonds of connection and such amazing support and Love and Light which remain and which I never will forget.

My experience with the Medicine was powerful and life-changing.  I am so grateful to Iris and Paulo for the opportunity to go so much deeper within myself to powerfully heal and move forward in my life with flow.  Thank You and to the powerful Medicine which has come here to bring healing, balance and joy on such deep levels.