(English) Setske

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How would I describe my Ayuasca experience?
For me it has been one of the most (if not the most) sacred experience and journey of my life.
It is a gift
It is a learning
It is an opening
Even in the rawest of emotions there was beauty in it.
The more open my heart was,  the deeper the depth and the more love I received from Madre Ayuasca.
The feelings of gratitude flowed out of me and poured all over me.
In my darkest moments, I felt completely safe and felt held in her arms through the amazing and powerful channeling of Mama Iris and protection from the strenght of Paulo.
Both holding this sacred space with pure love in their hearts.
This beautiful plant, this mother of all medicinal plants, showed me . guided me – gave me exactly what I had asked for.
She helped me open my eyes to self and showed me who I am, what I am and the gift of healing that has been passed on to me.
I feel completely open with love flowing through every part of my body.
My heart is filled to over flow with love and gratitude
Thank you so so so much – Muchas muchas muchas gracias.